Powerful Features to Transform Your Online Store Welcome to ZingaShop, where we empower entrepreneurs and businesses to create stunning, functional, and successful e-commerce websites. Our feature-rich platform offers everything you need to launch, manage, and grow your online store. With ZingaShop, you can unleash your creativity, showcase your products, and reach a global audience. Let's explore the remarkable features that make ZingaShop the ultimate choice for e-commerce website building.


Custom Themes and Templates

Zingashop provides users with the flexibility to customize their online stores with a wide range of custom themes and templates. Users can choose from various design options to create a unique and appealing storefront that aligns with their brand identity.

Quick and Easy Social Media Links on Website

The platform allows seamless integration of social media links on the website, enabling customers to share products and content on various social media platforms effortlessly. This feature helps in increasing brand visibility and customer engagement.

LD-JSON Support

Zingashop supports LD-JSON, a structured data format, which enhances search engine visibility and helps in providing more relevant and accurate information about products and services.

Blazing Fast Load Times - Helps in Better Google Rankings

Zingashop ensures that the online stores hosted on its platform have fast load times. This not only improves the overall user experience but also contributes to better search engine rankings, as site speed is a critical factor in SEO.

Caching at More than 300 Locations Globally - Improves Conversions

The platform employs a global caching system, which stores website data at multiple locations worldwide. This results in faster page loading times and improved user experience, leading to higher conversions.

Optimize for SEO - Get Complete Control to be Compliant with All Major Search Engines

Zingashop provides extensive SEO optimization features, giving users control over various aspects like meta tags, URL structures, and sitemaps. This ensures that online stores are search engine compliant and can rank higher in search results.

SSL Secured Website

Zingashop ensures that all online stores hosted on its platform are SSL secured, providing a safe and encrypted connection between the user's browser and the server. This builds trust with customers and protects sensitive information during transactions.

Your Domain, Your Control

The domain connected to Zingashop is totally owned by you. Zingashop allows users to connect their own domain to their online store, giving them full ownership and control over their website's branding and identity. This feature enhances brand credibility and recognition.


Zingashop provides you with a sitemap.xml file which helps search engines index all relevant pages quickly. This helps improve the website's visibility in search engine results.


Multiple Product Types - Simple, Multiple, Downloadable, Bundled

Zingashop supports various product types, such as simple products, multiple variants, downloadable items, and bundled products. This enables sellers to offer diverse product options to customers.

Products Have a Built-in FAQ Section

Each product listing in Zingashop comes with a built-in FAQ section. Sellers can add frequently asked questions related to the product, and this information can also be picked up by Google Snippets, enhancing search engine visibility.

Inventory Management

Zingashop provides a robust inventory management system that allows sellers to track and manage their stock levels efficiently. This feature prevents overselling and ensures a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Multiple Warehouses

Sellers using Zingashop can manage inventory across multiple warehouses. This is especially beneficial for businesses with geographically dispersed storage facilities, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

Blogs Section

Zingashop includes a built-in blog section, empowering sellers to create and publish informative and engaging blog posts. This feature helps attract and retain customers by providing valuable content.


Sellers can create additional pages on their Zingashop store, such as an About Us page, Contact page, or Policy pages. This allows them to provide comprehensive information to customers and build trust.

Menus - Multi-Level Menus for Quick Product/Category Search

Zingashop offers multi-level menus that enable customers to navigate the website easily. This ensures that products and categories are accessible within just a few clicks, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Google Tag Manager Support

Zingashop integrates with Google Tag Manager, allowing sellers to easily manage and deploy various tracking codes and analytics tools on their websites.

In-Built Product Reviews Management

Zingashop includes a product reviews management system, where customers can post their feedback and reviews. Positive reviews act as social proof, contributing to higher conversion rates.

Multi Website Management

Users can utilize the same set of products for multiple websites, tailoring the visibility and language settings for each website. This streamlines product management and extends the reach of products across different markets.

Multi-User Management

Zingashop allows collaborative usage with its multi-user management feature. Users can invite team members to work on the platform, facilitating quick deployment and efficient store management.

User Data

Zingashop provides sellers with access to essential user data, such as purchase history and customer information. This valuable data can be utilized for marketing strategies and customer retention efforts.

Sales & Marketing


Zingashop offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track store performance, customer behavior, and sales trends. This data helps sellers make informed decisions and optimize their online stores for better results.

Facebook Pixel Support

The platform supports Facebook Pixel, allowing sellers to track user activity on their websites. This data can be used to create targeted Facebook Ads, thereby enhancing conversions and reaching relevant audiences.

Discount Coupons

Zingashop enables sellers to create and manage discount coupons and promotions. This feature encourages customer loyalty and incentivizes repeat purchases.

Gift Cards

Sellers can offer gift cards on Zingashop, allowing customers to purchase and gift store credits to others. Gift cards are an effective marketing tool to attract new customers and increase sales.

Google Merchant Feed

Zingashop provides a product feed to Google Shopping, enabling sellers to advertise their products on Google Ads. This feature extends the reach of products to a broader audience.

Integrates with ZingaConnect - Engage with Customers via Email, SMS, WhatsApp *

ZingaConnect integrates various communication channels like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp, enabling sellers to engage with customers effectively. This feature helps in providing personalized communication and fostering customer relationships.

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